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Coming Events in 2020

19, 26 April – Leader Training – Lower Hutt – Details
3 May – World Laughter Day – worldwide – Details
11, 12 July – Leader Training – Auckland – Details
23-25 October – LY Conference – Perth, Aus. – Details

Robert Scott visits Ponsonby Laughter Club to find out what this is all about. Click here.

NewsHub-logoS Juliet Speedy visits Christchurch Laughter Club on World Laughter Day. Click here.

Certified Laughter Leader Training

Acquire the skills and knowledge to be a Laughter Coach. Whether you wish to supplement your professional skill set, learn to lead groups in laughing for no reason, or simply have a great weekend expanding your laughter horizons, this training has much to offer. Each participant is provided with a Manual and given ample opportunity to explore the many wonderful and intriguing aspects of laughter. Click here for details.

“The opposite of Play isn’t Work, it’s Depression.”
– Brian Sutton-Smith

Dunedin laughter Club has sponsored a new video!

Faking It, a short film by Ana Terry, follows three ordinary people as they share their extraordinary weekly habit; hacking into the brain’s chemistry through simulating laughter.

“In Laughter Yoga, we don’t laugh because we are happy; we are happy because we laugh.” – Dr Kataria, founder of Laughter Yoga.

Merv Neal shares how laughter for no reason quite literally saved his life.