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Coming Events in 2024

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5 May – World Laughter Day – everywhere
??? (tba) – Leader Training – Christchurch
??? (tba) – LY Conference – Australia

We recommend you confirm events with organisers, since the pandemic means that events may be presented online, postponed or cancelled.

Remember that laughter exercises are a valuable boost to your immune system. You can benefit from doing Laughter Exercises at home with your family, or join online laughter clubs at Zoom or Skype. See our Events page.

The UK’s Guardian newspaper, in its Observer Lifestyle section, writes about Laughter Yoga and Madan Kataria, with a round-up of research into why it is so good for you. Click here.

Robert Scott visits Ponsonby Laughter Club to find out what this is all about. Click here.

NewsHub-logoS Juliet Speedy visits Christchurch Laughter Club on World Laughter Day. Click here.

Certified Laughter Leader Training

Acquire the skills and knowledge to be a Laughter Coach. Whether you wish to supplement your professional skill set, learn to lead groups in laughing for no reason, or simply have a great weekend expanding your laughter horizons, this training has much to offer. Each participant is provided with a Manual and given ample opportunity to explore the many wonderful and intriguing aspects of laughter. Click here for details.

“…a compelling case can be made that play functions to generate creativity and stimulate innovation. Play may be an [evolutionary] adaptation to get out of the rut and discover better solutions to life’s challenges.”
– Kevin N. Laland

“The opposite of Play isn’t Work, it’s Depression.”
– Brian Sutton-Smith

Dunedin laughter Club has sponsored a new video!

Faking It, a short film by Ana Terry, follows three ordinary people as they share their extraordinary weekly habit; hacking into the brain’s chemistry through simulating laughter.

“In Laughter Yoga, we don’t laugh because we are happy; we are happy because we laugh.” – Dr Kataria, founder of Laughter Yoga.

Merv Neal shares how laughter for no reason quite literally saved his life.