Bob Harvey’s page


Bob stumbled across Laughter Yoga in 2006, shortly after it started in Auckland. At the time he had been dealing with long term depression. It was a struggle to keep going to sessions each week, although it was always enjoyable on the day, as well as being a useful physical workout. With his wife’s encouragement he persisted, and noticed in time that he missed the buzz when he couldn’t make a session.

In 2008 he received his Certification as a Leader, and the next year as a Trainer with Dr Kataria. He has been a regular leader of club sessions since 2009 and has also led corporate sessions and sessions for seniors and schoolchildren, as well as running regular leader training workshops and giving presentations about Laughter Yoga.

Bob is convinced from his own direct experience and the example of many others that regular Laughter Yoga sessions can benefit anyone willing to pretend to laugh. Whether you seek physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual well-being, Laughter Yoga can help.

As his experience of Laughter Yoga grows Bob finds it a source of increasing richness in his life. His personal and business relationships have become more relaxed, and he is less stressed. To contact Bob, phone +64 21 646 280 or email

Some feedback:
“I did enjoy it and the biggest benefit from this class is that I could cope with a busy afternoon effectively.”
“I loved it – laughter’s great anytime!! Did the ‘he he he’ when I opened the curtains this morning – it felt weird but am happy!”
“That has left me feeling quite amused 😊 Definitely feeling more positive for it!”