Jude Rosario’s page

Jude has a passion for health through natural means and is currently studying for her Diploma in Naturopathy, with the Naturopathic College of New Zealand. She would like to spread the Spirit of Joy through facilitating Laughter Yoga with children, parents and caregivers, no matter their culture, ability, race, background or economic circumstances. Jude says, “I would like to make Laughter Yoga accessible to everyone!”

As a mother of three children herself – two school age and one pre-schooler, Jude would like to help as many parents and caregivers to live generously and compassionately from the hearts as they raise their children. She would like to enable everyone to flourish as Loving Beings, full of joy and creativity.

Jude embraces the Mission of Laughter Yoga, which is to “Laugh for Health, Joy and World Peace” and its goal to connect people at heart level. She believes all children deserve love and joy.

She works closely with Lynda Andrews (see Lynda’s web site) to do corporate sessions, and is also active with one-on-one coaching. Contact Jude on 04 212 7707 or email fabrosarios@hotmail.com